Platform: Custom PHP

Framework: Laravel

Build Time: n/a

Site Type: Online multi-vendor marketplace


Multi-vendor marketplace built on Laravel 5.5 and AngularJS. Core functionality includes recurring subscription and payment gateway integration, geolocation relative search, calendar management, reservation functionality & more.

Key Features & Functionality

  • – Manage all technology implementations and strategies company wide
  • Develop and implement workflow process and utilities across various departments
  • Build and manage remote product development teams including Back-End developers, copywriters, graphic designers
  • Coordinate directly with CEO on DevOps focused development, version control & deployment practices
  • Manage all outsourced development partners, as well as our internal team of 3 full time engineers
  • Maintain a 1.6M line code base built on the Laravel framework, while managing all bug tracking, version control, feature integrations and release cycles.
  • Oversee all code reviews and code inspection processes. less

Additional Screenshots