ReactJS Would You Rather Game


Platform: Javascript

Framework: ReactJS

Build Time: 40 hrs

Site Type: Web application


A prematurely optimized, over-engineered & unnecessarily complicated “Would You Rather” game built with ReactJS, Redux & a bunch of other stuff I probably didn’t need to use – (WIP)

The purpose behind this monstrosity is to demonstrate some real-world complexities and pitfalls that we tend to encounter when working on actual projects. Often times we as developers (or maybe it’s just me…) have a tendency to overcomplicate, overengineer or prematurely optimize even the simplest of applications. This is an excellent representation of this very human behavior.

Key Features & Functionality

  • JWT Authorization
  • User registration
  • State persistence using custom Local Forage integration (Getting redux-persist to work properly proved to be a lil difficult)
  • Authorized routing
  • Custom templating system (thanks to the guys at @Fuse for the inspiration)
  • Axios & Axios mock adapter integration for simulated serverside requests
  • Users can:
    • Select avatars
    • Select profile cover photos
    • post questions
    • register new accounts and persist account data across browser sessions
  • API middleware integration
  • Code splitting & dynamic reducer injection

Additional Screenshots